Czerwiec 5, 2017

Our success model and approach within Manufacturing Operations

Our success model and approach

  • Our focus is on a CUSTOMER needs.
  • Our goal is to exceed a CUSTOMER expectations.
  • Our philosophy is to listen and hearing to a CUSTOMER.
  • Our strength is our PEOPLE.
  • Our achievement is excellent service and results providing competitive advantages to our CUSTOMER.

We are working on project based as well as providing permanent support to our clients which include operational presence at your premises or required location. We are specialized in European, Middle East and Africa market though with 50+ associates we are able to provide services worldwide and in several languages (English, Polish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and Chinese).

Our success model and approach within Manufacturing Operations

World Class Manufacturing is driven by Operational Excellence assessment. We want review pillars and mirror each current capabilities and opportunities of the organization with worldwide standards. This assessment will take two to three days and engage ourselves to conduct onsite observations. We will perform several interview sessions with key team members, data driven performance checks and benchmarking activities.

Upon completion of the assessment you will receive, or we will present to you and your organization, a detailed report about your current strengths and opportunities, including three to five specific projects or activities that would lead to significant performance improvements based on our assessment.

Health & Safety Environment (H&S)

At the beginning of our journey we must check and emphasize that basis foundations are being exhibited. In particular, there is a need to ensure that high standard of safety across entire organization.

To ensure and promote basic standards of health and safety culture as minimum requirements we stay focused on workplace organization methodology – 6S (Sorting, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain, Safety).


We will stay focused on reviewing an impact of the organization on the environment in terms of energy usage, waste emissions and environmental hazards. Within this area we want to put in place system and practices to identify and quantify potential losses and opportunities to help the organization in developing appropriate strategy and programs.

Entire Environment Management system and complex approach should lead to risk reduction, improving facility management results and creating significant mind set change around waste management, legal compliance and social responsibility.

Customer Experience (CE)

This Pillar covers tools and techniques to eliminate or minimize waste within Supply Chain. Particular emphasis is placed on the value added activities as perceived by the customer with specific focus on demand management, planning process, S&OP (Sales & Operating Planning), quality, costs and delivery or even supply chain design including manufacturing footprint.

Focused on TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

This is segment with the most significant contribution to manufacturing performance across different areas.

Continues improvement (FI) is a philosophy a non-acceptance of the status quo. This requires strong leadership engagement and each single team member, to not accept any losses of any kind, to consciously search for costs, process, opportunities and attack them by using appropriate technique.

Autonomous Maintenance (AM)

Key element of Autonomous Maintenance (AM) would be breaking down barrier between production and maintenance, engaging operators in basic cleaning, inspection, lubrications and helping production to become the eyes and ears of maintenance. It is also about change and competence development including people involvement.

Professional Maintenance (PM)

Key focus of Professional Maintenance (PM) is to maximize manufacturing availability at the most economic costs. Professional Maintenance is about more in depth understanding of why machine is failing, how machine could be changed over fast and frequent, and series of escalating techniques and tools are used to eradicate failures and opportunities. Both, Autonomous Maintenance (AM) and Professional Maintenance (PM), have to work in conjunction to support processes and single team member in restoring equipment back as quickly as possible at most economic costs.

Equipment Management (EM)

Equipment Management (EM) is a technique design to maximize the performance of any new factory or equipment. The key objective of Equipment Management (EM) is to ensure that new and existing equipment will be used to agreed safety level, produce great quality and operate based on forecasted costs. All activities around Equipment Management (EM) should be focused on simplifying and standardized spare parts, enabling simpler or quicker diagnostics and monitoring, eliminating or reducing maintenance.

Quality & Process Control

Fundamental element of Quality & Process Control is to build quality to each stage of the process. This is achieved through measuring and controlling the main elements of the process to a point where machines and processes are producing zero defects.

People Development

The entire World Class implementation program depends on people’s engagement. Consequently, there is a need for a huge focus on up-skilling, involvement, communication and development of individuals. People Development comprises of training and education, recruitment, performance management, competence development including activities around coaching and mentoring.

Cost Reductions

The Cost Reduction stay focused on capturing and analyzing the business losses with a view to providing an unambiguous, fact-based approach to loss reduction, project selection and management results. All Cost Reductions initiatives refers to business opportunities and challenges to make sure the organization has full performance visibility and priorities.



WCM program is all about realizing organization full potential and capabilities to leverage change. Teams need to be carefully considered to ensure that key individuals from single areas are part of the pilot projects and as they develop, move into key roles is supporting the program.


Standardized work is another critical capability organizations need to deploy effectively to build the foundation for a sustainable program initiative. Standardization reinforce the philosophy of the best way, and as far as possible the only way. It negates the need to reinvent things and ensures that once a problem is resolved, it will not come back so that individuals can spend their time on more value added activities.


Key elements of successful World Class Management implementation are communication methods. These start with deployment of strategy and work right the way down to the tools that are used to improve performance of the organization.


Measurement of losses and stratification of losses are key foundation. It is important to link them through financial figures and money. Clear measurements will demonstrate adequate focus and deliver priorities to the organization.


Standardized operating procedures and processes must be where the work actively takes place which enable cross training and explanation close to work areas. As with, any system knowledge has to be transferred and retained therefore written documentation and supporting materials needs to available.

Our success model and approach within Supply Chain

Operational Excellence Diagnostic Pulse

Each company experienced strong pressure to improve performance level of their day to day activities. Operational Excellence Diagnostic Pulse must provide an answer where we do have challenges with the clear focus on right opportunities to drive the business with significant difference and completive advantage.

What we do

We deliver complete overview based on several business practices and process assessments to identify the most critical areas for improvements. Our diagnostic tools allow to reduce complexity, stay focused on right priorities against strategy, improve efficiency and initiate costs reductions programs

Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Capabilities

Procurement needs to be used as comprehensive advantage to drive continues cost reduction initiatives. Our knowledge, experience preformed during last few years in the different organizations gave us huge potential to help procurement organization become world class leaders. Up to 5 % annual saving might be achieved during transformation efforts to cut cycle time and reduce inventory values.

What we do

We excel at strategies that are deliverable, delivered through a combination of strong category experience, broad-based knowledge and skills, and geographical reach around the world.

Supply Chain Integration

Integrated Supply Chain must operate as a strategic weapon and competitive advantage to support resiliency, cost reduction and efficiency across entire organization. Business strategies and operating models have to mirrored in Supply Chain capability.

What we do

Based on our experience we look at hidden value in the connection points between functions, process and value chain partners to improve asset utilization, eliminate the risk and align broader operating model with customer expectations.

Manufacturing Operations

High quality, high efficiency and low cost are key indicators within current manufacturing environment to be successful and gain competitive advantage. World Class Manufacturing approach will discover and address significant and comprehensive challenges to improve productivity day to day activities by at least 20-30%.

What we do

We stay focused on the waste removal from the existing manufacturing processes to drive streamlined and smooth operation. Manufacturing efficiency and excellence is driven by key enablers as solid data, right analysis, best practices and people empowerment.

Transformation and Complexity

We believe that some complexity is necessary, and even advantageous however it has to be carefully managed. We want to help our customers with their grow by reviewing existing process to accelerate changes and resiliency.

What we do

Our approach and recommendations are highly customized and lead to practical actions.